All you need to know about online casino strings

Streaming (online streaming) of casino games has been around for a long time, but only recently has it transformed into a profitable business for online casinos and streamers.

This new hobby is rapidly growing and gaining popularity. Streaming not only provides the best insight into online casino gaming, but it also allows players to build trusting relationships with streamers. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing some lucky guy win the jackpot by accident. Except, of course, when you’re making a big score yourself. The appeal of the streamer is that it’s not about chance or luck, but the hope that these streamers have figured out how to win, and thanks to them you can also solve this mystery.

As casinos gradually recognize the impact of streaming and its impact on brand recognition, the presence of casinos on streaming platforms is growing day by day.

But the competition in the casino industry is great. Today, new streamers are appearing more and more often. Some do it for fun, others are more business-oriented. A small group of streamers has now occupied a large share of the audience.

How to broadcast games online casinos?

Below is a summary of all the essentials to yourself to organize a decent streamer:

  • First of all, you need to register on Twitch, and it would be nice to create a channel on YouTube Live.
  • To be able to broadcast, you need Open Broadcaster Software.
  • If you want to broadcast on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously, you should use the Restream multistreaming service. It is free and you can log in with your Twitch account.
  • Streaming requires a fairly strong computer (CPU) and high Internet speed. You can reduce video quality in OBS Player at any time, but the recommended download speed is at least 5 Mbps for 720p video.
  • You can broadcast without using a camera, and some people are successful in doing so. But if you intend to be part of a higher league of streamers, you will need to show your face. People are part of society, and the bulk of social communication is mimics and emotions, so you need at least the most ordinary webcam.
  • You can use a headset to broadcast your voice, but a separate USB microphone is a useful investment.

How to be a good streamer?

To start with, it would be a good idea to create separate profiles on social networks with the same name as in stripes. Update them regularly and always announce your stripes there.

Take a look at what other popular streamers do and borrow some of their ideas.

Create a schedule and stick to it, as people who like your stream want to know when they can see the next one.

If you want to succeed, you need to be at least one of these three:

  • an expert in what you do;
  • entertaining and funny;
  • unique – you have to stand out from the crowd, doing things that no one else does.

Here are a few more things that can help you start your streamer career:

  • Be natural or think about your image.
  • Customize your profile and publish as much information about yourself as possible.
  • Don’t use bots to increase your viewership.
  • Since YouTube closes casino related streaming, we do not recommend investing time in it. There are tens of millions of daily users on Twitch, which makes other websites almost irrelevant.
  • Attend events and chat with other popular streamers to share ideas and get community recognition.
  • Always pay attention to what viewers see on the screen.

Are there any famous streamers?

It’s a growing community, which makes it an ideal opportunity for those who want to succeed. Some of today’s most popular streamers are PabloGambling, DavidLabowsky and Gambler_master.

Which sites are best for Streamers?

YouTube leads in terms of the number of users and channels, but it was Twitch that blew up the game streaming. Twitch is focused on gamers and streamers, which makes it probably the best portal. It was created 17 years after YouTube in 2011, but quickly found its niche in the gaming sector. Now it has over 100,000,000 unique visitors every month and 1.8 million streamers who have formed their community to be able to talk about games. There, gamers can show their skills and their viewers can learn from them.

Periscope services are available both in the mobile application itself and on Twitter. There are more than 10 million users. But like YouTube, Periscope has a very diverse audience. It’s not just for those who are interested in games.

Streaming from YouNow is available both on the website and in Android and iOS applications. But it is used mainly by teenagers to broadcast their talents, such as dancing or singing.

Strims in Instagram also reach a different type of audience, which can make it difficult to create your own brand.

Can the casino sponsor my stream?

Most streamers participate in casino partner programs. This means that they get a share of the profits from the players who click on their link. These programs allow them to generate income that helps finance their Streams. But no one is forcing anyone to use the Streamer’s affiliate link.

Can I make money from the Streams?

There are three main ways to generate income from streaming:

  • A large number of subscribers. Once the Streams have gained popularity and become a regular streamer, a player can start earning on the Streaming with the help of a partnership agreement with its channel platform. There are many different options on YouTube and Twitch.
  • Advertising for the casino. Popular streamers with a large number of subscribers are often paid for the online casino in which they play. However, their conditions differ. Some receive a fixed fee for advertising, others work in affiliate programs, and others use bonuses and cashbacks or get basic money for playing.
  • Donations. People watch you win money, so they don’t really want to give you their money and rarely make donations. Although sometimes streamers do try to collect donations, and the most charismatic ones do.

Which games are better for Streamers?

Poker has always been the main gaming attraction on streaming platforms, but the popularity of slots is certainly growing. Slot machines and poker, in fact, are very different. Poker is more socially acceptable gambling, but the reputation of slots is a little tainted. Some see the slot machines as stupid gambling, where players are mainly hoping for luck.

The poker section on Twitch has about a million followers, while the casino section (slots) has about 80,000. Although the poker section has a larger audience, it doesn’t have many active viewers, and the casino section is slow to catch up with it.

Most streamers play slots, but they also like baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

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