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How to avoid problems when playing roulette

We strive to help our players play responsibly and encourage safe and controlled play. This is very important for us. We believe that gambling, such as online roulette, poker, slots, is a leisure activity that prolongs pleasure and enjoyment. But we also understand that gambling can be a problem. Some people may be pathologically addicted to the casino, so they spend all their time playing, spending all their money, becoming irritable and sharp.

To prevent the formation of addiction, you need to play responsibly. “Responsible play” is a game of roulette, poker, blackjack, or any other gambling that brings pleasure and entertainment. Responsible players are fully aware of all the risks and are aware of how much time they spend in the gameplay and how much money they can spend. They keep their gambling leisure time under control, not letting it affect other aspects of their lives.

Most people love to gamble and are able to control themselves when, for example, they play online roulette. So there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy gambling, but please do it responsibly.

Below we offer advice for those who want to play responsibly and don’t want their hobby to get out of hand. We strongly recommend that you read them and follow them.

Plan your budget

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Perhaps the best way to avoid gambling problems is to allocate a fixed amount of money that you are willing to lose at a given time, and never exceed your budget. If you set yourself limits and adhere to these restrictions, you can enjoy the game online roulette, never getting into trouble. It doesn’t matter if you set a daily, weekly or monthly budget for yourself. It is important to stick to it, even if you seem to have a happy streak.

It is also important to play with money that you can afford to lose. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending your free money on roulette or another online game if you feel like it. But a completely different story, if you start risking the money you need for other purposes. This often leads you to make attempts to get back at it, which rarely end well.

You can use casino deposit limits as part of your budget planning.

Distribute your bets evenly

Bet 1-2% of your total balance when you sit down to play online or at a casino. If you have contributed 100 Euros, bet 1 Euro. If you win and your balance increases to 200 euros, then you can safely increase your bet to 2 euros.

When you play this strategy, you prolong the game time. In doing so, you will have more fun with it and increase your chances of winning. If your budget is 100 euros and you bet everything you have at once, you will have only one chance to win. And if you have 100 euros, and the bet is 1 euro, then you will have 100 chances.

Take regular breaks.

If you spend so much time playing online roulette that your eyes are drying out, please take a break and rest.

Take regular breaks to give your eyes and brain a rest for a while. If you feel that you are no longer enjoying the game, that your family and friends lack your attention, or that you are trying to recoup, it is better to take a break and rest properly.

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Remember that the game should be fun.

Gambling is designed for pleasure. Card games, slots and roulette are designed for your entertainment. If you do not have fun or do not enjoy the game, it is better to take a break. Do not play for money and do not try to get back.

Although gambling can be very profitable, if you are lucky, it should not be a priority source of income, as it is designed primarily for fun. Do not make gambling your profession.

Control the time you spend at an online casino

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It is very easy to lose track of time when you are immersed in the game. Modern games capture all your attention, and time flies by faster than usual.

Gambling easily becomes a habit, not a hobby, and it can lead to problems in the future. Even if you are not experiencing financial difficulties, some parts of your life will almost certainly suffer if you choose to gamble every chance you get.

Your obsession will quickly affect your loved ones, your work and your health. It is therefore important to control how much time you spend gambling, just as you control how much money you spend. Gambling in your spare time is perfectly normal, but you don’t want it to fill your whole life. So it’s better to put some limits on how much time you spend at the casino. Don’t let the excitement take up all your thoughts, take time away from your work, family and friends.

For more tips on how to play gambling responsibly, links to resources and testing for those who are concerned about their behavior during the game, you can find on our page “Responsible Gaming”.